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Dental treatments

General dentistry

Routine checks and filling of cavities fall under our general dental treatments. During your first visit, you meet the dentist, we carry out an examination and take any photos. Based on this, we then devise a personal treatment plan for you.

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Oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene prevents dental issues and complaints, such as tooth decay or gum problems. Our oral hygienists or prevention assistants clean your teeth and advise and inform you of the best preventative measures, such as instructions for cleaning and advice on eating, drinking and sealing.

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Endodontology is a specialism of dentistry that focuses on the pulp in the teeth and molars. It is better known to many people as root canal treatment. The tissue in the root canal, the pulp, can become infected. The infection eventually causes the nerve in the root canal to die. Treatment is essential in that case.

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A crown is a little cap we place over a damaged tooth or molar to restore the original shape and function. In addition to full crowns, we also do partial crowns. A partial crown is a cap that is placed over the chewing surface of a molar to protect it against cracks that occur from the force of chewing.

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A bridge is a construction we use to replace one or more missing teeth or molars. The teeth or molars on either side of the gap serve as pillars that support the bridge. The bridge thus fills the gap created by the missing tooth or molar.

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A veneer is a shield of tooth-coloured material that is placed over a tooth to restore its original shape and function. Examples of issues for which veneers can offer a solution include a crooked tooth, or a gap between teeth.

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Tooth whitening

Teeth can become discoloured for various reasons, such as smoking, and eating and drinking habits. Tooth whitening is a solution for restoring whiteness to discoloured teeth. Tooth whitening is not a solution for everyone, so the specialist will advise and inform you prior to the treatment. We use two treatment methods: external and internal whitening. Each method has its own benefits.

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Good oral hygiene is essential for preventing tooth and gum problems. When gums become inflamed due to plaque and tartar, it causes gingivitis. Periodontitis is a more severe form of this. The surrounding bone is affected and the tooth detaches from the bone.

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Lost or missing teeth can be replaced with an implant. This is a titanium screw that serves as an artificial root in the jawbone. A dental prosthetic can then be fitted over it to restore the function and shape of the teeth. Examples include crowns, bridges and dental prosthetics.

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Maliekwartier Tandartsen works closely with various orthodontists in the area. Orthodontology concerns treatment for crooked teeth and molars by moving and straightening them. In addition, orthodontology improves the chewing function of teeth and makes teeth easier to clean and keep healthy. We work with various orthodontists in Utrecht to whom we can refer you.

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